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Can a Slip and Fall Brain Injury Attorney Increase the Value of My Case?

Brain Injury

Suffering a brain injury in a slip and fall accident can be life-changing. It can cause you to undergo extensive medical treatment, lose time from work, and incur out-of-pocket costs. If another party’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness caused the slip and fall accident that led to your brain injury, you may be entitled to pursue a personal injury action to recover your economic and non-economic damages. However, it’s essential to have a slip-and-fall brain injury attorney by your side who can work to increase the value of your case.

A slip-and-fall brain injury attorney can help to increase the value of your case by doing the following:

1. Helping You Avoid Pitfalls That Could Harm Your Case

Many pitfalls must be avoided in cases of a slip and fall that results in a brain injury. A personal injury attorney can evaluate your claim, help you avoid making any mistakes that could ultimately harm the outcome, and reduce the amount of compensation you would be entitled to. For instance, a brain injury attorney can help you preserve the evidence you need to prevail and avoid making the mistakes that could arise if you try to handle cases on your own. They can also ensure you don’t wait too long to file a lawsuit and run the statute of limitations.

2. Gathering and Preserving Evidence

Evidence is critical in a slip-and-fall case. A brain injury attorney will know how to gather and preserve crucial evidence that can show the negligent party’s carelessness and increase the value of your case. For example, they can obtain accident reports, surveillance footage, witness statements, maintenance reports, and photographs. They will also know how to ensure your medical treatment and injuries are well-documented to support your claim.

3. Working with Expert Witnesses

Medical experts can help increase the value of a slip and fall case that results in a brain injury by testifying about the extent of your brain injuries and their impact on your life. A medical expert can also testify about your past medical expenses and your future medical expenses. A slip-and-fall brain injury attorney will also have access to other experts who can be helpful in proving your claim, such as engineers, building inspectors, and architects. These experts can discuss how the flooring or building condition caused the slip and fall accident and why liability should be incurred.

4. Establishing Liability

In order to obtain compensation from the at-fault party in a brain injury lawsuit, liability must be established. A personal injury attorney can work to prove the defendant’s liability and hold them accountable for their wrongdoing. By having a solid understanding of the law, an attorney can prove that the property owner was careless in the upkeep of their premises, their negligence resulted in your slip and fall, and such carelessness caused you to suffer damages.

5. Negotiating with the Insurance Adjusters

A brain injury attorney will know the tactics and tricks the insurance companies use in an attempt to devalue your slip-and-fall case or deny your claim entirely. They have the knowledge, insight, and experience needed to negotiate with the insurance adjusters to maximize your settlement. However, if the insurance company refuses to settle for a fair amount, an attorney will know whether a better outcome might be obtained by fighting for your rights at trial.

Contact an Experienced New York Personal Injury Attorney

If you sustained a brain injury on the premises of another due to their negligence, you may be eligible to recover compensation in a personal injury action. An experienced slip and fall attorney can help ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve for your damages. The Dearie Law Firm, P.C., has handled slip-and-fall brain cases for over three decades and is committed to obtaining the best possible results in each unique case. Contact us today for a consultation.