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Window Washing Accidents

Window Washing Accident Lawyer in New York City

Window washers are the unsung heroes of New York City. Someone has to brave the heights and keep the city’s skyline clean. In spite of robust safety requirements, mishaps are common enough. Scaffolds can break, guardrails can come loose, and objects can fall. Accidents that occur at such heights often lead to serious injury or even death, leaving victims and family members physically, emotionally, and financially devastated. When an accident befalls a window washer, the first question is Why?

Causes of Window Washing and Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolding accidents in New York City occur for many reasons. More often than not, negligence is a factor. Companies and managers ignore safety procedures and leave out critical equipment in an attempt to save money or in an act of extreme carelessness. Whatever the reasons, inattentiveness can lead to serious injuries that require months if not years of recovery. In the worst cases, accidents cause death, stealing beloved family members and robbing loved ones of a valuable wage-earner.

Some of the most common causes of window washing accidents include:

  • Faulty or improper safety equipment
  • No safety gear
  • Lax safety procedures
  • Unsecured ladders
  • Scaffolding breakage
  • Unsecured guardrails

The Danger of Falling Objects

When most people think of scaffolding accidents, they imagine falling workers, yet falling objects are just as dangerous. Even a small, lightweight object dropped from a great height can cause severe, in some cases fatal, injuries to a person. A frequent cause of construction accidents, falling objects are capable of hurting both fellow workers and unsuspecting bystanders.

Whether the victim is a worker or a passerby, whether the accident involves a fall or a dropped object, the responsible party must make restitution. Accidents involving workers, however, fall under the purview of state labor laws. New York labor law section 240, for example, holds property owners and general contractors liable for injuries that result from falls or falling objects.

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