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Can You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit for an Amusement Park Accident?


Many people enjoy going to amusement parks, water parks, and theme parks during the summer months. While these trips can be fun and enjoyable, thousands of people are injured each year on roller coasters, water slides, bumper cars, and other rides at these locations. Others may sustain injuries due to poor maintenance or hazardous conditions on the park grounds. If you have suffered an injury in connection with an amusement park accident, it’s important to be aware that you may be entitled to pursue a personal injury action to recover your damages.   

Causes of Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement park owners have a duty to patrons to ensure their premises and rides are safe and in good repair. Nevertheless, a wide variety of hazards can exist at amusement parks that lead to accidents. From poorly maintained rides to flawed machinery and improperly trained ride operators, there are many reasons an amusement park may be liable for negligence in the event that an injury occurs.

Specifically, amusement park injuries can occur on rides as a result of the following:

  • Defective equipment
  • Manufacturing flaws
  • Improper operation of the ride
  • Failure to regularly inspect the rides
  • Broken ride restraints
  • An employee’s negligent actions
  • Failure to follow safety regulations
  • Lack of instruction
  • Failure to post a warning sign advising of the risks

Hazards on the amusement park grounds can also cause injuries. These types of dangerous conditions can include poor lighting, broken concrete walkways, food and beverage spills, and broken handrails or benches. If such safety conditions are not repaired in a timely manner or the park does not warn patrons about a potential danger, liability may apply to any injuries that arose as a result.     

Depending on the type of accident and how it occurred, a number of parties may be liable for a patron’s injuries. For instance, the amusement park owner or operator may be held accountable under a theory of premises liability. A ride manufacturer may be responsible for malfunctioning equipment based on product liability. Park supervisors, managers, and employees may also be liable for negligence if their actions caused the accident — along with their employer, who may be held vicariously liable under the doctrine “respondeat superior.”

Amusement Park Accident Injuries and Compensation

Amusement park accidents can cause a number of injuries, ranging from broken bones, sprains, traumatic brain injury, nerve damage, paralysis, and even fatality. Those who have been hurt on a ride or on the park grounds may require extensive medical treatment, physical therapy, and surgical intervention. A victim may also lose a significant amount of time from work or school and be unable to participate in their usual hobbies and activities. In such cases, it may be necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover the economic and non-economic damages suffered due to the negligence of the amusement park or another responsible party.

By pursuing a personal injury action, an amusement park accident victim may be entitled to recover their unreimbursed medical expenses, doctor’s bills, emergency room costs, surgery bills, and out-of-pocket costs connected with the accident. Lost wages and future lost earnings may also be awarded. Additionally, non-economic damages are meant to compensate for the pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life a victim experienced due to their injuries.

In the tragic event a loved one passed away as a result of their amusement park injuries, their family may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death action.

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