Recent Cases

Below are some of the recent cases successfully resolved by The Dearie Law Firm, P.C. If you have a question about a similar incident, Contact Us or call 1-800-2-DEARIE (1-800-233-2743).




Utility Worker diagnosed with Mesothelioma due to Asbestos exposure $5,900,000
Brooklyn truck driver crushed when vehicles being removed from his flatbed truck fell from the magnetic crane lifting them $4,750,000
NYPD Officer diagnosed with cancer after working at the 9/11 WTC site $2,760,000
Worker falls to death in construction elevator shaft $1,600,000
NYPD officer suffered orthopedic injuries to his shoulder while working on the Pile at Ground Zero $2,100,000
Union worker diagnosed with lung cancer due to 3 months of work at the World Trade Center site after 9/11 $1,400,000
Ship Builder diagnosed with Lung Cancer due to Asbestos exposure $1,100,000
Dock builder drowns after falling off wooden pier bumper into the Harlem River $7,000,000
Lower Manhattan office worker developed respiratory conditions after being caught in 9/11 dust cloud $1,100,000
Young boy’s leg bitten by a pitbull outside of his home $475,000
Port Authority Police Officer disabled due to respiratory injuries from exposure during rescue and recovery work at the WTC $2,300,000
Failure to diagnosis a spinal cord compression on an MRI film $1,250,000
Plumber diagnosed with Mesothelioma due to Asbestos exposure $2,800,000
Carpenter injures back after falling through an unsupported floor on a Manhattan construction site $1,750,000
Small steel piece falls off a metal sheet during pile driving, killing a worker $2,600,000
Transit Worker exposed to Asbestos diagnosed with Lung Cancer $553,000
Woman struck by city bus while crossing the street in Brooklyn $1,100,000
Manhattan woman infected with Hepatitis C from dirty dialysis machine $675,000
Six-year old child living with significant birth defect $1,250,000
Sheet metal worker diagnosed with Lung Cancer due to Asbestos exposure $1,600,000
Motorcyclist collides with a car in Manhattan $158,000
Pile driving hammer strikes dock builder in the chest fatally injuring him $1,800,000
Motorcyclist killed after vehicle impacted his front tire on Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx $2,500,000
Carpenter diagnosed with Lung Cancer following exposure to Asbestos $982,000
Pedestrian struck by truck while crossing a Manhattan street $250,000
Carpenter falls off a roof during construction work $975,000
Building wall collapses and temporarily buries construction worker at a Manhattan construction site $350,000
Young child infected from exposure to Aspergillis while a patient in a city hospital $1,000,000
Electrician diagnosed with Mesothelioma due to Asbestos exposure $1,500,000
Commercial diver injured on marine construction site $275,000
Recreational boating passenger injured when boat collides with construction equipment $325,000
Plaintiff hurt due to slip and fall on ice at airport $150,000