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Liability for Concert Venue Injuries


Concerts are supposed to be fun and enjoyable events. But whether they’re held at a stadium, a small venue, or a bar, there can sometimes be hazards that lead to accidents. Importantly, concert venues must ensure safe property conditions for those who are in attendance. If you were hurt at a concert, you might be eligible to receive compensation for any injuries you sustained due to the negligence of the venue or another responsible party by filing a personal injury lawsuit. 

Conditions Causing Concert Venue Injuries

Whether a concert is held indoors or outdoors, there can be many conditions that may cause slip and falls, trip and falls, and various other accidents. Often, concert venues are crowded, poorly lit, and serve food or beverages that can spill — these are just a few factors that can create safety risks leading to soft tissue injuries, or severe head, back, and other injuries. Additionally, if balconies are not secure, a concert-goer can fall hundreds of feet and suffer traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or even fatality.    

Other conditions that can cause injuries at a concert venue can include:

  • Broken steps or handrails leading to the balcony
  • Failure to clean liquid spills or debris on the dance floor
  • Poor lighting in stairwells 
  • Failure to close off or barricade a hazardous area
  • Tripping hazards created by cables and power cords
  • Failure to keep equipment and speakers in a safe condition
  • Inadequate security

Generally, a concert venue or another potentially liable party must have had notice of the dangerous condition in order for liability to attach for any injuries that arose as a result. If the venue knew about, or should have known about, a hazard that could cause concert-goers to get hurt — and did not timely remedy it — they may be held accountable for negligence in a personal injury action.  

Liability for Injuries at Concert Venues

A venue may be held accountable under the theory of premises liability for failure to keep the property in a safe condition. However, other parties could also be held responsible for your injuries, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident. In addition to the venue owner, parties named in a lawsuit for concert venue injuries may include the on-site security company or a concert promoter. You may also be able to hold another concert-goer accountable if their reckless behavior caused the accident.

Concert injuries can require extensive medical treatment, cause you to lose time from work, and prevent you from doing the things you once enjoyed. If you prevail in a personal injury lawsuit for concert injuries, you may be entitled to recover the economic and non-economic damages you incurred due to another’s negligence.

Economic damages can include the costs of your medical care, hospital stays, lost wages, and out-of-pocket expenses you incurred in connection with your injuries. Non-economic damages are meant to cover the pain and suffering you experienced due to your concert injuries — as well as compensate you for disfigurement, impairment, loss of enjoyment of life, and the inconvenience caused by your injuries.  

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Concert venue injuries can be debilitating and life-changing. If you were hurt at a concert due to another’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness, you may be entitled to monetary recovery. Offering experienced counsel and adept advocacy, The Dearie Law Firm, P.C. has been successfully representing clients in a wide variety of personal injury claims for more than three decades — and obtaining fair and just compensation on their behalf.

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