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Common Defective Products in Product Liability Cases

Products Recall

Consumers expect the products they use to be safe. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the reality. Problems with marketing, manufacturing, and design can result in defects. When defective products cause a dangerous situation for consumers, product liability cases are the result. The following products represent the most common brought to court by New York product liability lawyers for personal injury compensation.

Medical Devices and Medications

The medical devices and medications that thousands of patients receive can often become major medical problems in the years that follow. Implants containing metal have corroded, causing major damage to organs and tissue, as well as chronic pain and several other symptoms when metal particles entered victims’ bloodstreams.

The opioid crisis is seeing a flood of cases by product liability lawyers entering the court system due to problems with the way in which these drugs were being marketed to patients. The dependency risk of these drugs was downplayed. As well, the dosing frequency was incorrect, leading to patients requiring additional doses before the marketed 12-hour period.


With their high potential for flaws in manufacturing and design, passenger vehicles by all manufacturers have been hotly contested product liability cases. Although it may be less common to see these liability cases against vehicle manufacturers, the several vehicle recalls issued each year speak to the continued existence of manufacturing and design flaws.

General Motors Co. is one example of a vehicle manufacturer having recent bouts with product liability law due to faulty ignition switches. This particular defect can cause airbag, brake, and steering failure. GM has paid millions of dollars in compensation via New York personal injury attorneys to drivers for injuries, or to their families when the driver died as a result of this defect.

Product Liability Cases

Edible and Inhalable Chemicals

Some of the chemicals used to process certain foods or smoking cessation products have been known to cause chronic illness in individuals after prolonged use. One of the most well-known is diacetyl or DA. This chemical first appeared in relation to the diagnosis of “popcorn lung,” or bronchiolitis obliterans from the consumption of microwave popcorn, which consumers would inhale after opening and while eating this product. One such case resulted in millions of dollars being awarded.

Another DA-containing product is the e-cigarette. Marketed as a smoking cessation device, many manufacturers have ended up in court due to failure to disclose the inclusion of DA, Acetyl Propionyl (AP), or a combination of the two chemicals in the liquid contained in e-cigarettes. Both DA and AP not only place the users of e-cigarettes at risk but also those who may be located nearby who accidentally inhale this chemical-laden vapor.

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