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Common Winter Construction Site Accidents

Winter Construction

Construction sites are dangerous locations, but they can be even more hazardous during winter. Unfortunately, snow, ice, and other weather conditions can increase the risk of injuries and fatality. While a wide variety of accidents can occur on construction sites in winter, some are more common than others. If you are a construction worker who was injured in a winter construction site accident, you may be entitled to pursue compensation from a negligent third party by filing a personal injury action. 

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls frequently happen on construction sites once the weather turns poor. Water and other liquids can accumulate and quickly turn to ice, and sleet can coat walkways and work surfaces. Snow can also build up rapidly and turn to ice or slush, creating hazardous conditions that can lead to falls resulting in broken bones, fractures, nerve damage, paralysis, concussions, and other serious injuries. If a responsible third party failed to remedy an icy condition they knew about, and you were hurt as a result, you may be able to bring a lawsuit.   

Vehicle Accidents

Construction often involves heavy equipment and large vehicles. If these vehicles are not properly maintained during the winter months, the risk of an accident can increase significantly. Winter weather-related crashes can take place due to snowy or slushy pavement conditions, but they can also happen when machinery and equipment is not checked before usage to ensure it is in proper working order. If you were injured due to a third party’s failure to inspect or maintain a construction vehicle properly, you may be entitled to pursue compensation in a personal injury action.                                  


Power lines can be downed or damaged in winter storms, leading to the risk of electrocution. They can also be struck by trees or collapsing equipment. Other hazards that may result in electrocution include snow blowers that are not grounded and moisture or precipitation in power sources. If a third party’s negligence caused the electrocution, they may be held liable.  

Snow Removal and De-Icing Accidents 

Many accidents can occur with snow removal or de-icing — especially when it involves removing snow or ice from rooftops and elevated structures. While it is essential to remove snow and ice to prevent roof and structure collapses, a worker can slip and fall from a substantial height if proper safety measures are not followed. If workers are not provided with protective gear or fall protection equipment and an accident occurs, a third party may be held liable in the event their negligence caused the injury.

Pursuing Compensation for a Winter Construction Site Accident

If you were hurt while working on a construction site, you may be eligible to pursue a Workers’ Compensation claim. Although Workers’ Compensation will cover your medical treatment and a portion of your lost wages, it may not be enough to cover the full extent of your injuries. Under New York law, a construction worker cannot sue their employer for negligence, but you might be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit against a responsible third party.

By pursuing a personal injury claim, you may be eligible to recover the economic losses you suffered in connection with your injuries — such as your unreimbursed medical bills, lost earnings, and out-of-pocket costs. You might also be awarded your non-economic damages. Also referred to as “pain and suffering,” non-economic damages often comprise the largest portion of a personal injury claim. This category of damages is intended to compensate for the losses that are difficult to quantify, such as the physical pain, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life you experienced due to your injuries.

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