New York Accident Law

Understanding New York Car Accident Law

New York car accident laws are notoriously complex. Determining whether you have the right to sue can be tricky—if you don’t have the advice of the seasoned auto accident attorneys at The Dearie Law Firm.

Why is it so difficult?

New York’s No-Fault Rule

New York sets strict limits on when you can and cannot file a lawsuit. For starters, the state’s no-fault law doesn’t distinguish between the driver who was to blame for the accident and the driver who followed the law.

Instead, it places the burden on each driver’s insurance company, which must pay for all accident related damages to the tune of $50,000. That includes medical bills, lost wages, and additional expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

Understanding the Complexities

If only it were that simple, you might not need a lawyer. It isn’t. There are a number of important exceptions to the rule.

When might you have the right to sue after being involved in a car accident in the state of New York?

If you’ve been involved in a serious accident in New York, you may have the right to sue for damages. Read through our infographic to learn more about the requirements for filing a car accident lawsuit in New York.

Understanding New York Car Accident Law