Asbestos exposure

Asbestos Exposure Lawyers in New York City

Often, for decades, workers on construction sites, utility facilities, enclosed transportation structures, or apartment buildings inhaled asbestos dust from asbestos-based products that eventually impacted their respiratory system, and in some cases, developing into lung cancer or mesothelioma. Unknowingly, all they did was work hard, raise families, and, after years of exposure, find themselves victims of asbestosis disease or lung cancer. Most often, shortness of breath leads victims to get an asbestos screening test.

High asbestos exposure occupations include utility workers, transportation workers, and construction workers. Specifically, the following occupations are commonly associated with some level of asbestos exposure: carpenters, transit workers, laborers, painters, plumbers, shipbuilders, building superintendents, utility workers, sheet metal workers, janitors, fire fighters, electricians, steam fitters, iron workers, asbestos removers, transport workers, police officers, and custodial engineers.

Changed Medical Condition

Many workers or retirees who were originally diagnosed with a non-malignant conditions (e.g., asbestosis, pleural plaque, pleural thickening) have since been diagnosed with cancers. If you already filed a claim based on a non-malignant condition, but were subsequently diagnosed with cancer, it is extremely important that you contact our office immediately, as you may be eligible for additional compensation. Contact Linda McNab at 800-2-DEARIE (800-233-2743), ext. 124. Linda has over 25 years of experience handling workplace asbestos exposure cases and will be happy to assist you.

Fast Track

Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, the New York State Court System opens a filing period for submitting cancer cases, specifically Stage III lung cancer or mesothelioma (please note that a lawsuit must be initiated within three years of the date of diagnosis). Due to the seriousness of such diseases, the Court takes these cases earlier and quickly rules on them, allowing for a settlement in approximately six months, rather than the years generally required for non-malignancy cases.

IMPORTANT: Even if you have a long smoking history, you may still be eligible for compensation.

Our experienced New York personal injury lawyers and staff are always available to respond to your questions on any aspect of asbestos exposure you, your family members, or coworkers may have experienced.

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