Our Mobile Law Offices… 20 Years and Still Driving Legal Services

In the late 1990’s when federal funding ended for these mobile units as classrooms they then became available, leading our firm to purchase the first one transforming it internally into a mobile law office. Our goal then, remaining today, focuses on assisting injured clients unable to travel to our permanent offices who can simply make
an appointment for legal services to be driven to their neighborhood or doorstep.

Among the productive tasks for clients performed on the mobile offices include meeting to discuss the facts and injuries of their accident; to obtain signed medical authorizations; to consult in preparation for a plaintiff deposition; to engage in electronic face to face discussions with their attorney or paralegal on case status and much more.

One of the most frequently asked questions over two decades has been “when will the mobile office be back in my community ?” So in addition to responding to individual appointment requests, our firm is preparing a mobile office weekly schedule for all counties aiming to locate our mobile units at major intersections convenient to all county neighborhoods.

John P. Dearie

John P. Dearie is a graduate of Regis High School, The University of Notre Dame, and St. John’s University School of Law. After working at a corporate law firm in New York City for two years following law school graduation, he joined The Dearie Law Firm in 2011.

John represents injured New Yorkers in third-party negligence litigations, as well as first responders, workers, volunteers and residents in claims to the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.