Narrowing Asbestos Litigation

For over twenty-five years our firm has been deeply involved in the asbestos litigation practice representing almost five thousand workers in several industries.

Classifying our clients by major work fields focuses on three areas, specifically utility, transportation and construction.

Decades past many of our clients had been diagnosed with non malignant illnesses such as Asbestosis, plural thickening and plaque comprising a segment of currently active cases. As the asbestos legal field has evolved in recent years, presently only cancer based diseases -lung cancer and mesothelioma—resulting from asbestos exposure
are litigated.

Numerous asbestos manufacturers decided to moved into bankruptcy, subsequently coming out of that status, by setting up substantial financial Trusts against which plaintiff Claims are filed.

Twice annually for cancer suffering clients a filing window opens in the New York State Supreme Court permitting diagnosed workers to have their cases expedited due to their serious medical condition. Our firm works closely with safety and retiree departments of these Unions to alert and guide members.

Below shows an example of a recent Transport Workers Union Local 100 Retirees members mailing. Assisting workers with valuable information remains a top goal of our firm.

John P. Dearie

John P. Dearie is a graduate of Regis High School, The University of Notre Dame, and St. John’s University School of Law. After working at a corporate law firm in New York City for two years following law school graduation, he joined The Dearie Law Firm in 2011.

John represents injured New Yorkers in third-party negligence litigations, as well as first responders, workers, volunteers and residents in claims to the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.