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Icy Rain Caused Hundreds of Car Accidents in Tri-State Area

With winter weather coming into the area once again, it is important to remember how dangerous the roads in New York can get when icy conditions occur. Last year, one storm with icy rain caused hundreds of accidents across the tri-state region in a single day. Known as a “bomb cyclone,” this storm hit the entire eastern seaboard, producing blizzard like conditions and hurricane level winds with icy rain all across the area. Over ninety percent of flights at LaGuardia were canceled and two people died during the storm. Hundreds of 911 calls were made around the area because the dangerous icy conditions caused accidents and road crews were unable to keep up. The attorneys at The Dearie Law Firm have helped countless clients who have been injured as a result of icy conditions on the roads and are here to provide consultation on your personal injury case.

Icy Roads Cause Car Accidents

Icy conditions on the roadway are one of the top reasons for car accidents in New York and across the United States. The reason why icy roads are so dangerous is that ice causes tires to lose even more traction with the road than rain, making it even easier to lose control of a vehicle when on the road and more difficult to regain control once the vehicle starts to slide. With larger vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles, losing control in icy conditions can lead to devastating accidents with other cars on the road. Given the lack of control and force of impact, accidents caused by icy conditions often lead to more serious injuries and deaths than other types of accidents caused by inclement weather on the roads.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Proving fault for accidents caused by icy conditions can be an incredibly difficult case to make and hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is your best chance of getting full compensation for your case. A lawyer will immediately open their own investigation into the case, collecting photos, video, and witness statements that will prove the conditions at the time of the accident even as the weather changes. An attorney will also serve as a shield between you and the insurance companies, requiring that all requests and questions go through the lawyer instead of harassing you for a statement. A lawyer will also ensure that you make no statements to insurers, authorities, or anyone else that is not in your best interests for the case. A lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies, and if a settlement cannot be reached the lawyer will take your case to court.

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