New York Building Collapse Accident Attorneys

The collapse of a building is one of the more dramatic events that can occur in an urban setting. It’s also quite dangerous, for obvious reasons. An apartment building that experiences a sudden structural failure can easily claim dozens or even hundreds of causalities. If the building in question is a skyscraper or another structure of comparable size, the scope of the tragedy can be exponentially larger. These incidents endanger not only the lives of the building’s occupants, but also those in the immediate area of the site.

Many collapses occur while the building is still in the construction stage or undergoing renovations. These accidents pose a special danger to construction workers on the site at the time, although pedestrians in the area can also be imperiled. When a building under construction experiences a structural failure, it can even cause damage to adjoining buildings, which may be occupied.

In a few cases, a building collapse involves a complete structural failure that sends everything crashing to earth like a house of cards, but most incidents aren’t nearly so spectacular as this. Partial collapses happen, too, where only one section of the building is affected. These incidents can still be very serious and result in severe, life-changing injuries.

What can be done for construction workers or other victims of a building collapse? The law provides various remedies for persons who have suffered injuries in these incidents. The New York City Building Code requires construction sites to follow safe procedures while erecting or renovating structures, and those who have been harmed due to another party’s failure to observe these regulations may be eligible to obtain a substantial settlement.

When you need a construction accident lawyer in New York, you can call The Dearie Law Firm, P.C., for help with your building collapse injury case.

How Building Collapses Occur

There are a number of reasons why buildings collapse; here are just a few of the possible scenarios:

  • Defective or Inadequate Materials – Sometimes, the wrong materials are used to assemble the structure, resulting in weaknesses that may go undetected until it is too late.
  • Poor Design – In some instances, a building collapse can be traced to the blueprint stage. If the plans for the structure are inherently in error, then tragedy may result even if sound construction procedures have been followed.
  • Inadequate Heat Treatment – In engineering, heat treatment is a process in which metals are heated and cooled in a controlled fashion to strengthen them without altering their shape. When improperly performed, metals that undergo this process may not be able to perform as needed under real-world conditions.
  • Excessive Weight – Buildings can collapse simply because they are forced to bear too much weight. Often, this results from underestimating “live loads”—that is, weight that comes from objects not part of the permanent structure of the building. Construction machinery—such as heavy cranes—that have been temporarily placed on the structure can trigger a building collapse. Similarly, renovations to an existing building can cause a collapse if the structure has not been designed to withstand the additional weight.

How Our New York Law Firm Can Help You with Building Collapse Injuries

It’s an unfortunate fact that building collapses can and do happen in modern-day New York City, sometimes causing severe injuries to construction workers and others who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you or a loved one has been hurt in this way, it’s important to understand that legal assistance is just a phone call away. The NYC personal injury attorneys at The Dearie Law Firm, P.C., can be reached at 1-800-2-DEARIE. We have offices in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the North Bronx, and the South Bronx.